My Views On Key Issues

I will be a strong voice for our community in Lansing.
I will be getting work done for YOU and YOUR FAMILY

We live in a very exciting time. A time of incredible technology-driven change in our national and local economies.  It is time for our leaders to work together regardless of their party to ensure Michigan and all of its residents thrive in this great technology-driven economy.

We need to transform Michigan, from a one-industry economy to a diverse high-tech economy and make Michigan the high-tech hub of the Midwest.  Because a good-paying job, rewarding career, and homeownership is not a Republican or Democratic idea, it's an American idea.  Vote for me so I can lead Michigan and the District 11 of the State House of Representatives, into the 21st Century economy.


Public Safety

Public safety is the backbone of every community.  Nothing can happen unless you feel safe and secure.  I will ensure that our police departments, fire departments have the tools and personnel they need to keep our community safe.  I will work to restore state revenue sharing to customary levels with our cities in Michigan State House District 11 to ensure that our Public Safety departments will be properly funded.



Public Education


I will work to create a moratorium on all new charter schools and order a full audit of all existing charter schools to account for the spending of public dollars. Benchmark all Charter Schools student performance against their local public school. Restore public school funding to 2011-2012 levels.  Schools have lost approximately $16,000 per classroom, in the last two years.



Michigan State Senate District 8 is fortunate to border Lake Saint Clair, a rich natural resource. This natural wonder is an envied source of fun and leisure, commercial activities, and international trade.  We need environmental policies that keep Michigan beautiful and propel Michigan in the environmental economy. Michigan, is one of the most beautiful states in our union with envied resources including Lake Saint Clair. Revenues from fishing alone top the tens of millions for Lake Saint Clair. Properly managing our natural resources is crucial to the area's economic viability and preserving its beauty to everyone's benefit.



Senior Citizens

Our senior citizens have done a tremendous job preparing our country for the future.  They have worked hard to grow America to the current standards that we have.  We do not need to tax their pensions at any rate.  I will work to repeal the tax on pensions and fight any attempts in the future to increase taxes on our senior citizens.  



We need to have a long-term plan to fix and improve our roads and infrastructure, so the great state of Michigan, the birthplace of modern mass-produced automobiles, is seen as a leader in transportation infrastructure, and not a punchline for jokes.